April 17, 2019 focusdigitalgh

HR Focus has officially announced the opening of nominations for the HR Focus Awards 2019. This announcement was made at the inauguration ceremony of the ten-member Technical Committee for the Awards program. 

The inauguration took place at the head office conference room of L’AINE Services Ltd, Sakumono.  This short ceremony took place in the presence of the organizing committee of the HR Focus Conference and Awards, and the Board of Directors of L’AINE Services Limited. Mr Samuel Ewool, CEO of Buena Vista Homes and a member of the L’AINE Board of Directors chaired the occasion and inaugurated the committee.

 The Technical Committee, in taking the oath of office pledged to be fair, objective and accurate in the evaluation process. They also pledged to work with systems that will promote the credibility of the awards. The ten-member Technical Committee of the HR Focus Awards 2019 is made up of internationally recognised auditors, consultants and experts with rich experience in human resource management and best practice in organisational systems.

HR Focus, therefore, calls on organisations and individuals to send in their nominations to vie for any or all of the twenty-eight (27) categories, spanning various sectors and industries including:

1.    Best HR Management in Financial Services

2.    Best HR Management in Hospitality

3.    Best HR Management in Manufacturing

4.    Best HR Management in Healthcare

5.    Best HR Management in Energy &Natural Resources

6.    Best HR Management in Media

7.    Best HR Management Practice in Telecommunication and IT

8.    Best HR Management in Public Sector

9.    Best HR Management in SME Sector

10.    Best HR Management in NGO Sector

11.    Best Organisation in Learning and Development Practice

12.    Best Organisation in Employee Relations Practice

13.    Best Organisation in Rewards Management Practice

14.    Best Organisation in Performance Management

15.    Best Organisation in Recruitment and Selection

16.    Best Practice in HR Information System (HRIS)

17.    Best Organisational Culture

18.    Best Organization in Employee Safety and Wellbeing

19.    Best Organization in Employer Branding

20.    Best Organization in Employee and Safety, Wellbeing and Workplace Design

21.    Best Organization in Diversity & Inclusion

22.    Best Organisation in Localization

23.    HR Rising Star of the Year

24.    HR-Oriented CEO of the Year

25.    HR Team of the Year

26.    Overall Best Organisation in HR Practice

27.    HR Practitioner of the Year

The HR Focus Conference and Awards 2019 takes place over two days with the HR Forum, Corporate Exhibitions, followed up with the HR Focus Awards 2019 which will recognize and reward organisations and individuals who have distinguished themselves in HR Best Practice over the last two years. All these will be held later this year in October.

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