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Love, they say, is not something you find; love finds you. Love can find you anywhere including the office. Considering the amount of time spent in the office, it is no news that colleagues establish amorous relationships. However, is it worth it especially when the company you work for is against it? Is that young man or lady worth your promotion or job?

Before you say yes to that dashing young man or cute lady, here are a few things to consider:

Be sure of what you feel. Is it her hot legs or that well-trimmed moustache that you are so attracted to? Do you connect with this person emotionally, physically and spiritually? Research has proven spending more time with a particular person can lead to an attraction.

In companies where office romance is allowed, HR has to be in the know. Would you like to tell HR about your relationship and be open to questions about what you feel for your partner? Also, with your colleagues up in your business, your relationship has officially lost its privacy.

You get to see this person all the time. In the beginning, it sounds romantic until you need some time alone. Imagine having a fight with your partner and having to sit with him or her all day when you want some time to cool off. Even if you are not in the same department, you might run into him or her.

Unlike other amorous relationships, where you can display all acts of affection irrespective of where you are, you will have to maintain a high level of professionalism when interacting with your partner in the office.  You cannot call your partner for long hours because you are in the same office. Say goodbye to the butterflies in your tummy.

Office romance stalls your growth, especially when it involves a relationship with your superior. Your boss might not give you the promotion you deserve because of what others will say. When you eventually get the promotion, your colleagues may feel it was unmerited. Be prepared for the worst. In as much as we hope for the wedding bells to ring, it might not always be the case. Will you be able to get over a break up seeing your ex almost every day of your life? What happens if your relationship ends badly?

Office relationships are inevitable and can be sweet and stressful at the same time. Considering all of these, the choice is yours.

Written by Kopiah Esther Wepia


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