“The Job Interview”

It was in the month of April this year; I had journeyed to one of the biggest firms in Ghana in search of a job. In these past years, knowing my potentials, I had already failed as a man. The funny thing is I am just 22 years, and a student in my final year. My finances were also lurking behind zero and my love life was not worth mentioning.  It has been five breakups in five relationships just counting from last year till now. I just could not help it. I assume “hopeless romantic” is tagged to my genes. However, this time around, I had vowed not to get entangled in my feelings: All I had in mind was nailing this job interview.

It was half-past eight o’clock and the interviewees were seated. I glanced through these new faces and boom! Once my eyes met hers, I began sweating all over. I was not just nervous but also intrigued by her striking resemblance to my muse in High School – Her melanin skin, nerdy look and slim stature; plus her demeanour. It was very intimidating yet attractive. It felt like she was a carbon copy of “the-one-who-scarred-my-heart-the-most.”

We worked on our individual tasks for the interview and worked as a team on a critical-thinking quest. She was up to par; her response and gestures were so spot on. I had mixed feelings about how events would unfold with her in the same circle. We had introduced ourselves and exchanged details of our respective domains – school, residence and other interesting aspects of our lives. After the interview, she offered me a ride home. She happened to stay in my neighbourhood and it could not get more fascinating than this.

However, there was a dilemma looming in my thick skull. The nature of the world of business prohibits dating or romantic relationships among workers. It is true that there is always going to be a strong chemistry among colleagues who work closely together on projects. Firms have tried so much to curb such behaviours by outlining policies to help keep work in flow.

For one, I was on the same scale as her; we were all subordinates. Matters of ethics are most prominent among senior staff workers and their underlings. This, however, does not posit I had a chance at building a relationship with her. It is unethical and moreover, we had just met and I did not know her intentions (So, chill out!)

As an employee, one must develop a sense of emotional intelligence. The issue is prioritising and setting standards but mostly, our emotions override our focus. There are issues of romance at the workplace; some arguably for benefits. It is believed that subordinates get promoted on basis of their relationships with their heads.

Love is an abstract-feel, defined by those who share in its spoils. The place of work is to achieve set goals. Love seems a distraction. I might as well, let her be. I hope I meet my muse one day; hopefully, outside work.  Till then, I pray my heart does not twitch.

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