As part of activities lined up for its 25th anniversary and as part of effort to make the youth employment-ready, L’AINE services has organised Career Clinic for the people of Tamale, and its annual Bridge the Gap Internships for tertiary students.

This comes after the successful execution of same by HR Focus earlier in the year and a call for a repeat in other regions of the country. This CSR initiative came to life with the objective of solving issues on the increasing retrenchment rate in the industry, the widened gap between academia and world of work, and the everchanging strategies adopted by companies in employing workers. Participants had access to several skill sharpening sessions including speed interviews, Mentoring, CV Reviews, and job vacancies.

Present to help with the sessions  and to serve as resource persons were: Mrs. Hadassah Habiba Nantuo, HR Head for Northern Development Authority; Mrs. Grace Larbi, GILLBT; Mr. David Laar, Agency Representative – L’AINE Services; Mr. James Laar, Ag. Chief Executive – L’AINE Services; Mr. Edem Damanka, Senior HR Consultant – L’AINE Services; Representatives from Databank, and Mr. Jonas Manu-Essamoah, Recruiting and HR Coordinator of Fly Zipnet and other representatives.

Speaking on Raising the Bar and Growing your Talent for Impact, Mrs. Hadassah Nantuo encouraged participants of the Career Clinic to invest in their personal development in order to be useful to their organisations and the communities in which they live.

 As part of the Bridge the Gap internship, students were given internship opportunities accross various industries. They were taken through aptitude tests, interviews and career presentations by various heads of departments of L’AINE Services Limited.

The Guest Speaker, Mr. Samuel Boafo, HR Director of CAL Bank, also urged the students to know their VIPS(Values, Interests, Passion, Strengths) in order to develop their career.

In an interview with the Marketing Manager of L’AINE, Mr. Daniel Annang, he stressed the importance of creating avenues for continuous learning. He posited that as champions of HR management and practice, L’AINE Services is poised to contributing its quota to ensuring that the right candidates are developed for the job market. He added that one way to bridge the gap between industry and academia is for organisations to partner with tertiary institution to develop industry-relevant modules for teaching.

Participants included students, entrepreneurs, job seekers and business executives.The people of Tamale applauded L’AINE Services for the programme, expressing satisfaction and asked for more of such programmes as most of these programmes are organised solely in the nation’s capital.

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