How to deal with a totally boring job

How to deal with a totally boring job
June 15, 2017 focusdigitalgh

Regardless of how much you love your job, there are days when you just feel choked and stuck. Here are a few tips to help you deal with a totally boring job.

1. Vary your routine
Instead of sitting at one place and doing your daily work, you could do your activities in a different way, different time, in a different seat or with different people. Set an agenda; you may be bored because you have not set any goals for yourself and you are just wandering aimlessly through the day. Write down definite, strategic and achievable goals for each day, week and month and plot the steps you are going to take to achieve them.

2. Work from home
You have to build flexibility into your job. If working from home does it for you, and if your company allows it then you go ahead with it. Working at home can cut down on commuting time or relieve work life pressures.

3. Shift your focus
If you’ve had the same duties for the entire time you’ve been at the company, ask your boss if you can alter your workload or the kind of work you currently do. Whether you are overworked or completely unchallenged, your boss will respect your desire to master something new.

4. Help out
Even if you don’t like your colleagues, it can refresh your outlook on your work and the aspects of it that bore you to involve different people. On upcoming projects, ask your co-workers if you can lend a hand.

5. Vary old themes
Inject new thinking into your work. Take something you have already done or your team has already done and see if you can transport it into a new or different medium.

6. Brainstorm
Get together a group of innovative colleagues and tackle an issue together. Don’t worry about only writing down the good ideas or separating the ‘definitely s’ from the ‘maybes’. Just capture as many new ideas as you can. There will be plenty of time to sort through all of them.

7. Expand your horizons
Finding subjects or subject areas that inspire you or energize you makes it easier to be creative. We can put up with almost anything when there is something in the background that we are passionate about.

Written by Simon North
Founder of Position Ignition and creator of Career Ignition Club

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