Cheers to a Healthy Christmas

Cheers to a Healthy Christmas
December 20, 2017 focusdigitalgh

So it is time for your Christmas break, so you pop open the cork to have a clink with your team after a fruitful year, and the luscious wine flows into your shiny glass. Then this voice whispers in your ear, “Should I be drinking wine?”

Let me tell you a story: I remember on one hot Christmas afternoon, we received a huge hamper from a family friend. Great was my joy when I saw many goodies. What got me super excited was all the drinks that had been packed in the hamper especially, the ones in the boxes. Being a Christmas day, my mother had prepared a sumptuous meal. I was really in high spirits and could not wait to have a drink so I took one of the boxes, checked the name, poured myself a full glass and gulped down the sweet content to my heart’s satisfaction. What I remember next is my mum bringing the food to the table and then…I dozed off.

If you have not guessed what happened to me yet…what I drank was not fruit juice as I had thought but rather, a red wine bearing the same name as a fruit juice.

When you browse the internet, there is a flurry of articles about why you should or should not drink wine. However, according to the American Heart Association, the health benefits of wine come from moderate consumption.

But what is “moderate” wine consumption? How much wine can you drink in one sitting before the health benefits turn into dangers? This depends on many factors, including a person’s size, age, sex, body stature and the general state of health, as well as whether it is being consumed with food or an empty stomach.

Women absorb alcohol more rapidly than men because of their lower body water content and different levels of stomach enzymes. Therefore, moderate wine consumption will be a lower amount for women than for men- up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men.” Now you know; do not doze off even before the party begins! Christmas comes with parties, cocktails, dinners, dates, and family gatherings, and wine is sure to make it to the table.

Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard or read about the heart benefits of wine. How about I tell you the many more benefits that research proves exist? You probably did not know about them…

Promotes Longevity

Wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers. Source: a Finnish study of 2,468 men over a 29- year period, published in the Journals of Gerontology,2007.

Reduces Heart Attack Risk

Moderate drinkers suffering from high blood pressure are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than non-drinkers. Source: a 16-year Harvard School of Public Health study of 11,711 men, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 2007.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Red-wine tannins contain procyanidins, which protect against heart disease. Wines from Sardinia and southwest France have more procyanidins than other wines. Source: A study at Queen Mary University in London, published in Nature, 2006.

Lowers Risk of Stroke

The possibility of suffering a blood clot-related stroke drops by about 50percent in people who consume moderate amounts of alcohol. Source: a Columbia University study of 3,176 individuals over an eight-year period, published in Stroke,2006.

Cuts Risk of Cataracts

Moderate drinkers are 32 percent less likely to get cataracts than non-drinkers; those who consume wine are 43 percent less likely to develop cataracts than those drinking mainly beer. Source: a study of 1,379 individuals in Iceland, published in Nature, 2003.

Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer

Moderate consumption of wine (especially red) cuts the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent. Source: a Stony Brook University study of 2,291 individuals over a four-year period, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2005.

Let us get healthy this Christmas with moderate consumption of wine. Also know this,”Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise .”- Proverbs 20:1

Author: Revina Acheampong

Editor-in-Chief/PR Consultant

Source: HR Focus Magazine


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