5 Ways to Continuously Expand Your Online Following

There are many ways to increase viewer/subscriber loyalty on YouTube. Many of these activities will require time to manage but are free or inexpensive to use.

1. Include accurate and relevant keywords in your video’s title, description and tags

As you’re uploading and publishing each new video, compose a creative, well-thought-out, informative and captivating title for each video, as well as a detailed description that’s short, direct and enticing. Equally important are the tags you associate with your videos.

Every word in a video’s title, description or tag(s) becomes keyword searchable — not just on YouTube but through search engines like Google. Ideally, if someone is interested in a topic that’s related to one or more of your videos (or your YouTube channel), they should be able to discover your content easily by entering appropriate keywords or a relevant search phrase into the YouTube or Google search field.

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