5 Proven Habits for Ultimate Success

5 Proven Habits for Ultimate Success
March 27, 2018 focusdigitalgh

We are the result of our repeated behavior. Or as Aristotle put it, “Success is not an action, but a habit.”

Here, top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles weigh in on the one mental habit that drove their success and how to cultivate it in yourself.

1. Visualize your goals.

Since I was an athlete in high school, I’ve envisioned my goals as if they were already happening. I’ve used this visualization practice for decades now, and it’s supported my athletic career, my business achievements, and my current endeavor to make a massive global impact through the media.

There’s no right or wrong way to visualize your goals. It’s a matter of setting time aside every morning or night to close your eyes and play a movie in your mind of what your life will be like when you’ve achieved your dream.

This practice primes your mind to believe your end goal has already happened, so when the time comes to perform, you’re confident and ready. Lewis Howes, former pro athlete, global top 100 podcast hostNYT-bestselling author of The School of Greatness, and creator of The Millionaire Morningfollow Lewis on FacebookInstagram or YouTube

2. Update your mental tapes.

We all have old tapes in our head that we put on replay whenever a new opportunity arises. I was a terrible student in school, so for years, the tape that ran in my head reinforced old, negative beliefs about myself. I would play the tape and go into a meeting convinced that I was not likely to succeed or get what I wanted.

I soon realized that my old tapes had outlived their usefulness and were getting in my way. So, I formed a new mental habit of updating the content of these tapes. I swapped out, “You’re not very good at this!” for “You’re just amazing! Show them what you’ve got!”

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