Human Resources – The ‘Taken for Granted’ Department

Human Resources – The ‘Taken for Granted’ Department
August 10, 2017 focusdigitalgh

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. He was telling me, “apart from salary negotiations, the human resource department does not have anything challenging to do.” I was really surprised with his comment. But the bitter truth is that most people have the same view about Human Resources Department. We are taken for granted by employees in all the industries. The profession of human resources has not been understood well or we have not been able to project ourselves well. We need to clear all the wrong notions that people have about our domain. We need an image makeover and we need to be taken seriously in the industry.

Being a human resource professional, we know the amount of work and multi-tasking we do. We coordinate with different departments for recruitment and training. We perform multiple levels of planning. We work for people and work with people which require us to go through different forms of human emotions. In the name of professionalism, we often have to tolerate human egos, indifferent behavior and expectations to do everything for everyone. The human resource department is just a coordinator for management of employees or vice versa. We do not have much power to change the management but the employees expect us to do so.

Salary Negotiation

It is a part of our job. It is challenging. Sometimes, there are many bigger challenges than this for the human resource department. Personally, I feel that asking an employee to leave the organization due to performance, behavior or back ground verifications is the most difficult job for any human resource professional. It is not easy. You have to strike a balance between being honest, cordial and still maintaining your professionalism. The employee goes through a lot of emotions and you have to control your emotions.

A lot of employees are never satisfied with their performance appraisal.

They cannot accept that their performance has been average or below average. They have wrong notions and think that they have been performing well. You cannot completely blame them. Sometimes their managers are also to be blamed since they have not provided proper feedback or not instilled enough confidence. Many of the employees blame the human resources department for their performance appraisal. They fail to understand that they are being rated by their managers. It is important that the employee and the manager have a proper understanding of one another. They need to know each other’s strengths and weakness to work well together.

We human resource professionals try to do the best we can for our employees. It is really difficult to keep everyone happy. We have to face our own challenges in our department, just like any other department in the industry. This profession brings with it a lot of new challenges to keep you motivated. It is not a monotonous job. In fact, you get to do many different things and there is a lot of multi-level-tasking involved. There are recruitment, training, background verifications, employee engagement activities, performance management, separation management and payroll management, to name a few. Under each broad function, there are several other things involved. The job is actually quite a challenge.

We are in thankless profession but we are thankful to be in this profession.

Written by: Pankaj Sinha


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